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FatChannel Plugins Only 11/15 can be activated

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asked Oct 10 in StudioLive Series III by rogervox (340 points)
recategorized Oct 11 by jonnydoyle

Hi all

I can't neither on my SL32 nor on my SL32S activate the RC500Comp, VT1Comp, RC500EQ and the VT1EQ.

What have I to do? 

thank you for yours support.


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answered Oct 11 by jonnydoyle (220,320 points)
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While all the plugins show you can only install those that are in your my.presonus account. 

Please use this link:

Please see the following articles that will help you install the plugins. 


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answered Oct 10 by wahlerstudios (89,490 points)
I think you need to "buy" the plugins in the PreSonus Shop for 0,00 Euro. Then they will be registered and activated.