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Faderport Classic not recognized in the device list by Cubase 10,5, Have you experienced that?

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asked Apr 16 in FaderPort Classic by matthieucourege (180 points)
I'm on Windows 10. Cubase version is 10,5. Firmware and universal control up to date. Daw installer too... But the faderport is not showing up on the device list in the studio setup when i ask "+"... If you have a solution... Thank you!

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answered Apr 18 by matthieucourege (180 points)
Hi i found out what was wrong!!

I don't know if it's the daw installer or anything else, but a file was missing in C://programs/steinberg/cubase10.5/components. It's a file named FaderPort.dll or faderport_cubase.dll . It was at the wrong place. I found it in C://programs/steinberg/sharedcomponents. You just have to copy it and paste it in the good folder and voilĂ ! The faderport classic appears in the device list and works perfectly!

Have fun!