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studio 24c shows levels moving but i have no sound from studio one 4, even though pc sounds come through

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asked Apr 18 in Studio One 4 by christopherbreton (200 points)
just bought studio 24c interface.  installed all drivers, twice.  i can see the faders and levels moving showing sound is being picked up, but nothing is coming out of the computer speakers or headphones.  I can however hear anything else (other apps, youtube etc.).

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answered Apr 18 by christophermiller12 (140 points)
I am having the se problem and can’t seem to find a fix. Very frustrating.
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answered Apr 18 by christopherbreton (200 points)
So I figured it out... The mixer knob on the studio 24c.  To hear playback you have to turn it to playback lol. I spent hours on forums and Facebook groups. Someone finally mentioned it. I had no idea lol