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audiobox usb 96 input 1 stopped working

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asked May 22 in AudioBox USB by rileyscott-tarter (120 points)
I got my AudioBox USB about a week ago and today the input 1 just stopped working i only get the pop sound when i plug it in other than that it just doesn't work I've looked at everything and nothing helped I put the volume on it at max and I play and I get no clip light so clearly not a software issue I've never dropped it or anything please help

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answered May 29 by MlleCo (140 points)
Hi, i have the same problem.

The output works perfecly (i plugged headphones). i heard my metronome and some virtual keyboards.

But i can't record anything (from microphone or guitar). They is no signal at all. My cables are ok, i checked, The volumes on the audiobox are ok too.

I really don't interstand.

If someone can help me it would be great (sorry for my english, i'm french.

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answered Jun 8 by jakobluz (140 points)
I`ve got exactly the same problem!
Bought my new Audio Box USB 96 in May.
It worked without problems for about a week.

But suddenly there wasn't a sound signal anymore. Since then it doesn't work.

If someone can help me it would be great

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answered Sep 1 by lisadale (140 points)
I am also experiencing this... has no one from Presonus answered?
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answered Sep 4 by joaquingonzalez3 (140 points)
Same problem here... My two channels aren't working. If anyone can help ill be so grateful.