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How can I remove dynamics (f mf p pp) in Studio One transferred from Notion

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asked Nov 13, 2020 in Studio One 5 by joebanko (260 points)
I have transferred tracks from a song written in Notion 6 using Send to Studio One -> Send score to Studio One, creating instruments including notation. I want to change the loudness (p, mp, mf, f, etc.) in Studio One. If I put the editor into notation and make a change in the song, going from mp to f it doesn't work. I can go in and add an automation track but that gets messy very quickly.

Is there a way to remove the dynamics and put new ones in from Studio One notation editor?

Quick feature request, it would be very nice if you could loop thru dynamics p->pp->ppp->pppp->mp->p...... by pressing the P or F key as in Notion


Joe B

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