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left side only

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asked Mar 2, 2016 in AudioBox USB by joearenas (150 points)
Hp Laptop

AMD A8-6410 APU

64-bit system bit X64 processor

Win 10

I bought the Presonus Audiobox because I needed an interface for an XLR mic. I use this laptop/mixer setup to broadcast online. I have used other XLR mics with a mixer with no issues. Why can't I get levels on both channels on SAM Broadcaster like other mics. Including usb mics with no mixer. Even Audacity gives me 2 channels with levels EXCEPT when I use Presonus. Why?

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answered Mar 3, 2016 by mattcaprio (148,250 points)
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If you are only getting sound on one output, it sounds like you are recording a MONO signal, ONE INPUT SOURCE, to a stereo track. OR you have a MONO OUTPUT set up in the Audio I/O output section and mapped to the MAIN OUTPUT in StudioOne Audio I/O setup.

So the first thing to check is the Audio I/O input and output.
- Go to Song --> Song Set up in a song and make sure you have MONO tracks routed to the input L and Input R in the INPUT tab. This is done by placing a blue "M" in the matrix routing box that lines up with the inputs horizontally and the track added on the left vertically so they match the input source to the track you created or ADDED in Audio I/O.

Now make sure the OUTPUT tab is set as a Stereo OUTPUT for the MAIN OUTPUT. This will ensure that both left and right output channels are used.

Then in the Arrangement view, where your song file is and the track names are listed, set the Channel Mode to MONO and set the input source to the appropriate input that the signal is coming from, Left or Right.

You can also choose a template in StudioOne, when creating a New Song, choose the AudioBox template and it will set up the I/O properly, create two tracks and assign the input sources to MONO tracks and arm them to record.