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When is Studio One going to get up to date with M-Audio DirectLink Support? Everyone else is!

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asked Nov 30, 2020 in Studio One 5 by m@km (570 points)
When is Studio One going to get up to date with M-Audio DirectLink Support? Everyone else is!

This is very annoying because even when i go through the complete long-winded procedure to tell S1 how my Oxygen 49 IV controller works, IT NEVER REMEMBERS IT from one session to the next. Aaaagh!

Please get on the same page all the other big DAWS are already on and provide the support for this. It sure would make life AND composing a LOT simpler (and more enjoyable). I spent a lot of money on this controller and would REALLY enjoy using it to its full capacity.

Thx for listening.


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answered Nov 30, 2020 by aka_busker (24,800 points)
Hi Mark.  Sounds bit strange.  I have added controllers like the Alto Professional live 61 midi controller and Roland A800 pro controller keyboard with no issues.  Neither of these are listed when I added them and I had to map it all in Studio One to get controls connected to synths.  One thing I have noticed with Studio One v5, which is unlike v4, is that you can no longer start a song with the controller disconnected and connect it mid song.  
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answered Dec 20, 2020 by m@km (570 points)
thx for replying busker.

I've already setup the controller 3x in Studio one, and every time i go to use it on a new project...the settings have not been saved/stored. I have to re-program the controller again & again...VERY frustrating. And to be honest, NOT something i'd expect from PreSonus frankly. With all the stuff that's been added to the program since v3, i would think that keeping the controller list current would have been of more concern than it apparently is for them. It's not like i'm using some obscure controller, M-Audio controllers are very common, and this is their latest version of the Oxygen model.

At the very least, having the program be capable is understanding the M-Audio DirectLink Support would avoid them having to keep up with all the current models.

thx for your time.