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Audio speeds up when recording is finished

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asked Dec 10, 2020 in Studio One 5 by bojankrtini (130 points)
Hello everyone, I am new to Studio One 5, and I have bought the Artist version recently.

So, I have a situation where I have multiple tempo changes in one song. First it begins with 85bpm, than 150bpm, than 130bpm and in the end 170bpm. So, In the last part (170) I recorded one guitar and I want another one to record to double track it, but very time when I record second, I can see the soundwave that is going exactly in time as I play, but when I stop recording it just automatically speeds up that recording and it sounds completely out of time, as if was played in tempo 200 bpm or more.

I tried to record in other tempo signatures in the same track and it works fine. I also tried to delete track and make another one but it is still the same problem. There is a link to a screenshot I took to see how it looks like. The last audio track is just shorter than the ones up above.

Any thoughts on this?



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