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Disable windows audio support feature and crashes

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asked Mar 28, 2021 in Studio One 5 by eddiecolmenares (350 points)
Hi, Studio One question, I'm on Win10, Studio 192 is my interface, love love love this set up, need to upgrade my computer though.

BUT, since the last update, Studio 192 and S1 are no longer playing nicely. Not sure if this is a bug I should report, asking here first. Also, after S1 freezes (and my Task Manager opens below the program, forcing me to restart, argh), I get the new dialog box on S1 restart telling me it didn't shut down correctly (uh, yeah), and asking if I want to disable certain features. One of them is "Disable Windows audio support?"

Any information on this? Not letting Windows help with something might help, but... the manual has nothing about it (I actually looked in the manual first!), and even Google search comes up null.



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answered Apr 1, 2021 by eddiecolmenares (350 points)
Just wanted to update this myself, partially - Studio 192 had a driver update, so hopefully that will solve half of it.

Still not sure about the pros and cons of "Disable Windows audio support?", maybe a user guide update?