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Popping Sound In Playback????

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asked May 7, 2021 in Studio One 5 by ericshort (450 points)
I’m hearing crackles and pops in my playback when I’m mixing and mastering but not when I’m recording. I am using Studio One 5 Professional and recording through a PC:
-32 gb ram (corsair brand)
-AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 12-core, 24 thread processor
-samsung 970 evo plus 2TB SSD
-Windows 10 64-bit
-PreSonus AudioBox iTwo interface
I built this computer for music (built it this past October) creation/recording/producing and could never figure out why I hear pops in my music’s playback but not when I’m recording (I am a saxophonist). I typically record music at 64 samples and mix/master at 2048 samples (this is the highest block I have). My CPU performance is never above 25% and I keep the “dropout protection” at maximum. I also do the “remove unused files” before I begin mixing to make sure I’m not putting too much on my computer. Also, I have 1.57 TB free of 1.81 TB on my SSD (I have 2 HDD too, one has 1.81 TB free of 1.81 TB and the other 1.78 TB free of 1.81 TB).
These pops happens at the same places throughout my song (I used gain envelope as a double check to make sure it wasn’t my actual track). Any suggestions to prevent this? Any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated. Also, if you need more information let me know. Thank you for your time and hopefully your help :)

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answered May 7, 2021 by trevorhendricks (160 points)
I am having the same problem when selecting the 2048 block size! popping and crackling This only just happened when installing the latest update Universal Control_v3_5_0_64605. I downloaded and installed the previous update Universal Control v3.4.2.63992 and the sound was back to normal. Not sure why the 2048 block size is popping and crackling.

AudioBox USB
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answered May 8, 2021 by ericshort (450 points)
Thanks for the suggestion!