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Crackling and popping noises all the time with Presonus Studio 24C on Windows 10

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asked May 14, 2021 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by marcusconrad1 (200 points)


I need support to the sound issue (crackles and pops) that is happening all the time since I have bought my new notebook ASUS VivaBook Core i7, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD and the audio interface Presonus Studio 24C. Anytime I play something (e.g. YouTube, MP3, play guitar on the Studio One etc.) a crackling e popping audio happen.

I have read all the posts in this forum and tried chance the buffer block or any setup related, but it did not work. The audio sounds like the same vinil crackling and popping audio.

My Presonus Studio 24C is conected to Yamaha HS5 monitor and I use for home studio recording.

What test do I have to do?

What setup do I have to check up?

Is it a driver issues on Windows 10?

In my old notebook (Samsung RF511) with Ubuntu and even with Windows 10 this problem did not happen.


Marcus Conrad

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answered Jul 3, 2021 by ibdhiipe (320 points)

Good day!
Try an older driver like


it helped me

I started to slow down after updating the driver to the last one ..

it is also useful

To make these adjustments, right-click on Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Performance > Settings, and select:
* Visual Effects > Adjust for best Performance.
* Advanced > Processor Scheduling > Background Services.
* Advanced > Data Execution Prevention > Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only.

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answered Jul 20, 2021 by lowellweeks (270 points)
I am having the very same problem with my usb audio box and my new USB 24C. It sounds terrible and makes it terribly difficult to record. I have been watching video after video and making the recommended changes but the sound quality is still unusable. I am using the following laptop:

Dell Inspiron 7706 2n1

Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz   2.80 GHz

Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.7 GB usable)

System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Pen and touch Touch support with 10 touch points

Windows 10.

I am also using the Sphere subscription and all of my drivers are up to date. I did a fresh install not more than a week ago. Is this a windows 10 issue?

Overall, I am happy with the Sphere experience, especially Notion 6, however, all of that means nothing to me if I can't record and playback with out the snapping and crackling. It's incredibly frustrating and I just want a true fix to the problem. This seems to be a very prevalent problem across the Presonus platform yet no one seems to have a solid fix for it. I have also noticed that my USB 24C sometimes fails to initialize after starting Studio 1. I'm starting to lose faith in the product. I have used Line6 and third party DAWs for years without incident. I'm going to head over to my local guitar shop, where I bought the interface and see if anyone there has any suggestions.
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answered Aug 15, 2021 by jeffgillilan (450 points)
My Studio Live 32R has been crackling during playback ever since I purchased the system using Studio One now up to v5. It will not crackle when imported into Sound Forge Pro for further editing and also when exporting to a wave file. The bass guitar is the worse. I have tried everything imaginable with no luck. Just something I have to live with. Now I am having trouble getting my UC console to boot up. After clicking on the 32R icon. The wheel spins and spins. After a restart (maybe two) I can get the UC console to pop up. Another issue I may have to live with for now. (everything imaginable done again)
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answered Aug 31, 2021 by mahdigholamy (210 points)
I am having the same issue, when I am using chrome to watch anything I get pop noises, trying to change any setting not resolving the issue
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answered Sep 14, 2021 by melvinbach (200 points)
same here... :(
does anyone have an answer?
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answered Nov 18, 2021 by valentinvinturis (140 points)

In case it helps anyone else, I had this problem as well (continuous popping/crackling noise) with my Studio 24c, and the solution for me was a BIOS update. I am on Windows 10 Pro x64.

I had tried everything I could think of previously and every suggestion I found on the internet, older drivers, changing buffer size, deactivating various settings in windows, I even removed all other peripherals connected to the PC, nothing changed. But I was convinced it had to do with the motherboard/USB ports, because it was kind of rhythmical.

So finally I went to the motherboard support website to get a BIOS update, and every noise magically disappeared afterwards.

Hope this helps some of you :)
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answered Dec 30, 2021 by jakevanravenswaay (150 points)
Adding in hopes of finding a solution to this problem myself. Just started happening one day and hasn't gone away since
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answered Jan 21, 2022 by jaylane (140 points)

This is an issue for me since updating my firmware on my iOne. Was rock solid until then. Now I just get crackles. Think the new driver has borked things as has the firmware.

Trying various solution and will feedback.


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answered Feb 4, 2022 by francocortesi (140 points)
I had some crackling for a few minutes, because I was unsing a slightly longer cable of slightly worse quality than the one provided by Presonus. Switching back to the original cable resolved the issue.

Also, if I connect the 24c to a non (externally) powered usb hub, It just won't wake up. I think the 24c is a bit finnicky about the amout of power it receives, so be shure to be using the original cable, and if you can, try with a decent powered usb hub, just to verify that the problem is not related to the usb ports not giving enough power to run it properly.
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answered Feb 24, 2022 by danmurphy4 (140 points)
I had same issues . . . the fix was simple for me . . . opened Studio One . . .  clicked on name of my interface . . . opened audio setup . . . the process precision was set on 32 bit . . . I changed it to 64 bit . . . works perfect . . . my computer is 64 bit and for some reason it was set on 32 bit
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answered Apr 1, 2022 by rafaelcalmezini (190 points)
edited Apr 1, 2022 by rafaelcalmezini
Hey guys I was facing the same probleam here. I just changed the driver to an older version like our fried suggested and it works now.


And return de firmware to 1.13 to. I had made an upgrade to the 1.17 version. I just left on the same version which it came from store
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answered Aug 16, 2022 by vitorjoaquim1 (580 points)


I had random clicks while playing especially a sound file on Live, with Presonus Studio 68c and couldn't find a way out of it.
I've applied the recomendation from ibdhiipe,
 uninstalled the 
PreSonus_UniversalControl_Installer_v3.6.0.66460 and installed the PreSonus_UniversalControl_v3_3_0_59348
No need to apply the other recomendations.on Advanced System Settings 
the clicks left the house. A problem that I was handling since more than 1 year.

Thanks ibdhiipe

Guys at Presonus, please have a look on this, it's a 2 years difference from v3_3_0_59348 to v3.6.0.66460

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answered Apr 11, 2023 by ClaesF (160 points)
Hello, here´s my input to this question about crackling noises.

I had updated my Dell XPS 15 5900 to Win 11 and was therefore asked to update UC to 4.0.0. That was a BIG mistake. I wrote to PreSonus Knowledge Request and got a quick replay with a lot of "stripping" to Win system for optimizing audio.

Unfortunately, it didn´t work and we communicated several times without any success. I even downgraded Win 11 to a clean Win 10. Then I read here about downgrade the UC:s version so I tried with a couple different versions. The one that worked for me was  v.3.05 (downloaded) and then update it to v. 2.51 (I know, it seems strange that that´s an update - but whatever, it worked). If I tried with the downloaded versions (i.e. v.3.05), the UC Surface Monitor Control didn´t start as it asked for "Download new Version" or something . This is now working on my Dell XPS 15 and PreSonus Studio 1824c.

I hope this can help someone, take care.

Claes H
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answered Oct 6, 2023 by RubenIgitkhanyan (150 points)
I purchased the Audiobox 96 USB and after a week of use, I started having clicking noises. Experimentally, I found out that the clicking sound occurs when I switch between browser, player, and other sources. Tried many options, and installing an older driver (in my case - Universal Control v3.6.4.87069) helped. The clicks are gone!
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answered Nov 8, 2023 by niknan (270 points)
Hi. I'm just giving my experience with this issue, in case it could be useful to some other presonus user...
I'm also seeing that most questions are a little older and or not solved.
The issue: crackling while playback (on any DAW soft or windows sounds)

Laptop Acer Nitro 16 (AN16-51). i7-13700H, 16GB RAM DDR5, 1 TB NVME, NVIDIA RTX 4050 laptop GPU / Windows 11 23H2
Presonus StudioLive Series III 24 & 24R (both)
My laptop is brandnew. Presonus equipment were older and in use with others PC flawlessly

Obviously my problem was with my new laptop (is a nice laptop, so there had to be "something" to do)

I tried several settings with mixers (44.1/48 - 16bit/24bit - buffer size - compatibility mode - updates). > Nothing

Then tried other optimizations at the laptop. Almost everything (except some functions that couldn't be -dropbox, drive, etc.-) > Nothing

BUT WHAT WORKED for me, was going to: System properties > advanced system settings > Performance Settings > Advanced > Adjust best performance for background Services.
After this, no more crackling while playback.

Hope this could help any one before loosing too much time!
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answered Nov 29, 2023 by pljensen (140 points)
i had this problem i went to

Studio One - Options - Audio setup - Processing - And put "Dropout Protection" to maximum