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Big Sur 11.4 won't recognise Quantum 2626 thunderbolt 3

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asked Jun 11, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by binhnvra (140 points)
I've just installed Big Sur 11.4 on a Macbook Pro 2019 and although I've installed the latest Drivers and latest firmware update (1.3-91) was successful, the Quantum 2626 thunderbolt isn't shown as an audio device in either the mac sound preferences or Ableton Live.

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answered Jun 27, 2021 by chrismickey (230 points)
I also have this problem. I just updated to Big Sur 11.4 and my Quantum 2626 Interface doesn't communicate at all. I'm currently running firmware 1.3-91.
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answered Jul 22, 2021 by frangime (240 points)
Mine works, have you checked security system preferences during installation allowing presonus software ?
I had problems too, and i restarted the process completely since rebbot mac mini en security mode.
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answered Jul 24, 2021 by chrismickey (230 points)
From what I understand, Presonus only has firmware compatible up-to 11.2 Big Sur. I found that info on their site. Because I am also waiting for my Quantum 2626 to communicate. But with Pro Tools, instead of Ableton Live.
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answered Jul 25, 2021 by benjamindeaton (180 points)

I had a similar problem.  Here's the fix for most Macs.  You have to manually allow permission for the Mac to install the Driver.  Steps are below.

1. Make sure you've downloaded the latest version of UC and the Quantum Thunderbolt driver (from the Quantum 2626 downloads page on the Presonus website.)

2. Go to "System Preferences" (Click on the Apple in the upper left of your screen and click on System Preferences.)

2. Click on "Security and Privacy" icon

3. Click the pad lock in the bottom left of the window and enter your password.

4. Towards the middle lower part of the window, it will ask you if you want to allow permission to install the Presonus Thunderbolt driver (or something like that.). Click "Allow."

5.  Restart your computer and try again.  

6. If still no luck, Turn off your Quantum 2626 and unplug it from the power and Thunderbolt.

7.  Turn it back on and try again. 

If it takes more than that, I don't know the answer.

Best of luck.

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answered Aug 8, 2021 by rickelliott (190 points)
I'm having to do the "uninstall, reinstall, allow through security preferences" every single time I turn on the computer. It's really a creativity killer