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Crash when exporting

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asked Oct 13 in Studio One 5 by manuelmorais1 (120 points)

I'm a professional musician and sound designer. Recently I'm working in a project that envolves 100 - 200 tracks per session with effects in it. In this project I export track by track and some times 2 tracks grouped (no more than that) Here is the problem:

1 - First I had a PC with 8 GB Ram and when I solo one track to export it (after having around 100 tracks on the session) it crashes when exporting.

2 - Now I have a PC with 32GB ram, 2TB SSD and the same happens. This makes me believe that the problem is not the PC but the studio one itself.

What happens in fact is that the exporting window (that shows how many time left to export) is frozen and if you click "cancel" it crashes.
This problem don't happens all the time but sometimes it's like: 4 successful exports against 1 crash. If it happens again I will upload an image.

Does anyone had the same problem?



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