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Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD codec support

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asked Oct 21, 2021 in Video by Zirrex (9,830 points)

Please add the ability to play videos in Studio One that are encoded by professional editing codecs: ProRes and DNxHD.

My colleagues and I face this problem all the time. We are working on audio mixing for TV series and movies, we are uploading AAF, but we cannot upload videos to ProRes.
Yes, we understand that it is possible to recode to the h264 codec, but this does not suit us.
Studio One is a professional program and it should support professional codecs.

I voiced this problem on October 27, 2016, but it did not find much response -

I have prepared a test video in ProRes 422 Proxy. Try adding it to Studio One.

I've tried Cubase 11 and Reaper 6 - no problems. The video is playing. The problem is only in Studio One 5.4.1

Can you fix it?

P.S. Windows 10 Pro 20H2, Studio One 5.4.1. K-Lite Codec Pack 16.5 - installed. Windows 10 system plays any video files.

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answered Oct 7, 2022 by taylorscott2 (4,220 points)

ProRes and DNxHD are the most common formats in the film/tv audio world and S1 needs to support! Especially now that it has a video track!