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I want a feature to find the actual spot where the signal is clipping

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asked May 24, 2019 in Mixing by tkk (280 points)
I need a way to find places (if any) where my master send would clip.

If I play the song I will get the clipping indicator go red and I can see the number of samples that were over 0db. Furthermore, if I rewind and play the clipping section again the number of samples is not increased which makes me thing that they were flagged on the first run so why not so those spots with color code on the time scale?

Just adding a limiter or compressor is not an option with classical music, I want to go to the roots of the problem
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answered May 28, 2019 by Daw Stew (5,090 points)
what you want is a loudness history. I think Izotope's RX7 and Insight plugins have them