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Melodyne cannot be installed in the Studio One 5 expansion pack

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asked Feb 1, 2021 in Studio One 5 by hongdongma (120 points)
在studio one 5的拓展包里无法安装melodyne

我使用的系统是macos big sur11.1



再次启动studio one ,在扫描插件的过程就卡死了。



The system I use is MacOS Big Sur11.1

You can download Melodyne from the extension pack, see its serial number, click Install here, and there's nothing.

You can see the Melody icon in the launcher, and when it's turned on, there's nothing,

Startup Studio One again and it gets stuck in the process of scanning the plug-ins.

What should I do? The general agent in China, Alto Company, told me to inquire here.

Please answer and help me. thank you

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