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notifyContextInfoChange (Steinberg::FIDString id) not called correctly for VST3 Instrument Plugins

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asked Apr 7, 2022 in Studio One 5 by Andrew Capon (120 points)
This is a bug report:

IContextInfoHandler2::notifyContextInfoChange (Steinberg::FIDString id) is not being called correctly for Instrument plugins, for FX plugins it is called correctly.

For Instrument plugins it is called once when the plugin is instantiated with an empty id, after that it is never called again.

For FX plugins it is called correctly when one of the track properties changes.

The same issue is there for Audio Units with the ContextName property, only called once for Instrument plugins but correctly for FX Plugins.

I am posting this here as I tried reporting it to support who told me to email but I have heard nothing back from that email.

Maybe someone from Presonus will see this here!

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