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universal control can't connect to Studiolive 32SC

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asked Dec 10, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by marccollet (150 points)
just installed Universal Control to set up and update my newly bought studiolive 32 SC but it seems,it can not be connected.

i see the icon of the <studiolive but in the upper right corner in the Studio Live line a circle keeps on spinning.

I am on windows 10 and used different USB ports but no result.

who can help me out


3 Answers

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answered Feb 4 by brendonchan (320 points)
Hi, I have the same problem now. Were you able to resolve it?
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answered Mar 24 by colinlaird (160 points)
I can get it to connect over the ethernet cable.  But I must unplug the USB.

StudioOne will connect through the USB, but Universal Control just spins.  If I pull the USB cable, it'll connect as well.
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answered Jun 19 by billlong (280 points)
Yes, unplugging the USB connection to the StudioLive 32SC and replugging it in seems to (eventually) resolve the annoying disconnect problem.